The Remote Lecture Series is a series of Skype and Video streamed lectures from across the globe.

We have found that despite the many talented artists, programmers and designers of digital media arts in South Africa, there is very little dialogue because there are so few practitioners. We have decided to broaden our horizons by inviting interesting individuals from across the globe to beam in and tell us about their work and experiences.

With the little funding available for the arts, particularly art and science cross-overs like these, this is our solution to buying plane tickets to Johannesburg (even though we really wish we could).

We are also happy to exchange speakers, if you would like to hear about what is going on in Johannesburg or South Africa, let us know.

How it works:

  • Approximalty once a month we will have one speaker.
  • All Remote Lecture information will be posted here and sent out to our mailing list.
  • These sessions will be recorded and sent as a live stream and then saved as a series of Podcasts for later access.
  • The speakers task, to inspire and start conversations on themes, techniques, collaborations and much more.

Thank you,
Tegan Bristow

2 Responses to About

  1. Mensah says:

    Dear Tegan Bristow,

    my name is Sèdjro MENSAH (French-beninese Mix living in Austria fyi) and i am quite interested in the lecture of Emeka Ogboh, unfortunately i didn’t not had the opportunity to listen to the livestream in September. As fas as i know there’s still no link for a podcast on this website. Do you still plan to save the lectures as podcasts? Or when could i find a link on the website?

    Thanks in advance and best Regards, Sèdjro

    • tegan says:

      Hi Sedjro

      I’m just posting the link now. Unfortunalty Emeka’s lecture did not record very well, so the quality is not amazing.
      We have however now solved all our problems and have perfect streaming and recording now.

      Thanks for your interest and please keep in touch.


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