No 2: Lagos Soundscapes

September and October will be a sound art focus. And the first of the series will be artist Emeka Ogboh based in Lagos, Nigeria.


Photo: Emeka Ogboh

In this remote lecture Emeka Ogboh will be speaking and presenting his Lagos Soundscapes sound art series.

“The Lagos Soundscapes is an ongoing sound project that explores Lagos as a vibrant African Mega city. As the name suggests the project is invested in acoustics, however, what is central here is that the accumulated sound defines the character of the city of Lagos. The amalgamation of these sounds and more, defines the city Lagos as the economic, commercial and cultural capital of Nigeria.

The basics of the project involves recording and collecting definitive sounds that sum up the character and vibrancy of Lagos. The project maps the contour of the relationship between Lagos population and its produced soundscape.  The city is very much alive because of its eclectic and rich soundscape.  The recordings made from this direct engagement with Lagos are applied creatively in sound art and installations.”

Tuesday the 21st September 2010 -   South African Time 18:30 – 19:00. Digital Arts Seminar Room, Digital Arts Convent Building. See here for directions – opposite the Wits School of Arts.  Also see calendar page…

Please note – GMT 16:30 for streaming.  Please see streaming page for more information.

Emeka Ogboh is a Nigerian new media artist who has variously explored the soundscapes of Lagos, Nigeria, to affect a constructive dialogue between its physicality and it’s imagining. For him the architectonic of Lagos as a mega city, for example, opens up questions on cultural narcissism, third world mobility and globalization processes. This Lagos soundscapes project was part of the first World Listening Day in July 2010.

Emeka is the co-founder of the Video Art Network Lagos, a participant of the African Centre for Cities project on African Urbanism and the Locus Sonus International streaming project. He has participated in exhibitions and media workshops both in Nigeria and internationally, and was a member of the Media Lab in Africa delegation to the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Art. His creative templates include but are not limited to sound, video and photography.

For more information please contact me directly on tegan (dot) bristow (at) wits (dot) ac (dot) za or 011 717 4604

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