No 1: The Choreographed Accident

I’m very excited to announce our very first Remote Lecture for 2010 by Marcelino Stuhmer based at the University of Wisconsin in Milwakee .

The Choreographed Accident: How painting survived the accident.

In this Remote Lecture Marcelino Struhmer will be speaking his expanded painting practice in three recent works.

“The metaphoric crossing between perception and hallucination occurs by means of the paraphernalia of painting, which is also that of recollection and re-cognition, as the recovery, to the senses, of what seemed to be forever beyond experience.” Paul de Man

“Mise-en-abyme”, a term coined by Andre Gide, which refers to the artistic trope of limitless reflection is akin to the physical experience of the carnival’s Mirror Maze. In my current extended painting practice, I wish the viewer to “enter into the work” and find themselves occupying a different parallel space, narrative, and time.  The spatial/architectural constructions in three recent installation projects deconstruct the cinema house into 1) a panoramic painting rotunda, 2) a funhouse mirror maze, and 3) a miniature architectural model of an apartment building in Warsaw.

In the broadest sense, the crisis of representation as seen in the history of painting provides me with a dynamic conceptual meeting point between material, process, and language. My recent installation work reconstructs or invents narratives of distant geographic, and temporal moments, allowing a collision of virtual ‘present-moments’ in an installation space designed specifically to stage these orchestrated time-collisions. I am currently working on a series of paintings, collages, and architectural models, which explores an intersection of image, film, painting, screen, and the history of theater design.

The Remote Lecture Series is a series of once a month lectures by people in different places across the world who are “beamed in” live (via the internet) to speak to a Johannesburg audience. We use available video conferencing technologies like Skype and iChat for the live lecture.  The point of these lectures is to inspire and uplift the discourses around art, new media and technology. We also stream the sessions live from Johannesburg.

Thursday 12th August 2010   -   South African Time 19:00 – Digital Arts Seminar Room, Digital Arts Convent Building. See here for directions – opposite the Wits School of Arts.  Also see calendar page…

Please note – GMT 17:00 for streaming.

Marcelino Stuhmer earned an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. He has done residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, was a guest artist at Cittadellarte-Pistoletto Foundation in Biella, Italy, and was awarded a residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam where he received a two-year research fellowship.

His most recent installation project, The Choreographed Accident: Objects, Images and Artifacts from the Pawel Avorsky Museum, Warsaw which debuted at Jeune Creation 2009 in Paris, is now showing at the Wisconsin Triennial 2010, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. This conceptual film project tells the story of a British spy during the Cold War who smuggled illegal Jazz records into Poland.

Apart from numerous exhibitions in Europe and North America, Stuhmer has won a number of grants and prizes, including Best International Artist at the Arte Laguna 2009 International Art Prize Exhibition at the Venice Arsenalle in Venice, Italy, a Graduate Committee Research Fellowship from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, the First Place Royal Prize for Painting in The Netherlands, a Mondrian International Publication and Exhibition Grant, a Community Artist Assistance Program Grant from Chicago, and a Joan Mitchell award in conjunction with an artist residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Painting and Drawing area of the Department of Visual Art at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

For more information please contact me directly on tegan (dot) bristow (at) wits (dot) ac (dot) za or 011 717 4604

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