No. 5: Haythem Zakaria

In partnership with African Digital Art the Remote Lecture Series presents:

DATA IS BEAUTY -   Haythem Zakaria a 27-year-old Tunisian artist, living in France for two years.  Predominately inspired by Sufi, Zakaria moved recently towards real time experiments with generative devices. Operating the intermediality of his discipline, he offers unique visuals creations and interactive installations.

Haythem Zakaria

In this remote lecture Zakaria will be speaking about his work and practice.  Interactive installation with real time sensor sensory / / single screen / / audio stereo:

Raq [s] is the prelude to an unlikely marriage of mystical texts of Jalal al-Din Rumi and generative art form of immersive digital facilities. The whole movement is governed by a transcendent abstract dialogue and intimate attraction between its components: the particles. These particles travel free, flow, entangle, leading an intoxicating dance, mystical, which distorts vision in one-dimensional space-time infinite contemplation.
For more suspicious to those who wonder about their intentions, the invitation is open to dance their dance.

[O] Nystagmus – In medicine, the nystagmus is an involuntary oscillatory movement of the eyeball and jerky. Nystagmus is a disturbance of muscle coordination of the eye. It can be caused by a disease, very fast movements or substance abuse.
Haytham Zakaria and Emmanuel Mailly end with / nystagmus / their first triptych. After infancy, their common language has been refined, enriched vocabulary. Place now to travel, to explore the surrounding area, open your eyes!

Source: African Digital Art

Lecture: Wednesday the 8th June 2011 -   South African Time 18:30 – 19:30. Digital Arts Seminar Room, Digital Arts Convent Building. See here for directions – opposite the Wits School of Arts.  Also see calendar page…

Please note – GMT 16:30 for streaming.  Please see streaming page for more information or contact me tegan (dot) bristow (at) wits (dot) ac (dot) za or 011 717 4604.

Data is Beauty


Haythem Zakaria is a visual artist and an audio/visual performer that experiments with the digital creation of virtual simulations. Zakaria is a Tunisian artists who often works on themes that deal with the digital image. His visual creations offer intriguing interactive installations. Zakaria is passionate about using the digital form as a medium because..

This is an emerging scene where the eye can just emerge find, wonder and find passage to something else, may be the imagination.

More of Zakaria’s collaborations and ‘meetings can be viewed from the links below.

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